Wooden porch kit

A Stunning Selection for Your Perfect Porch Extension

At The Porch Specialist, we take great pride in offering our UK customers a wide range of beautiful, classically styled wooden porch extension kits, carefully handcrafted in our very own workshop. Every kit we create for you has been designed for an easy build, which can be completed on your schedule as soon as it has been delivered.

Explore the porch design options we have on our website and choose the one you love the most, before getting in touch with us today to place an order. Our team of highly trained and dedicated carpenters will be ready and waiting to start work on getting you the porch extension of your dreams.


Design your own porch.

With years of experience in this industry, we have gathered together a wonderful variety of back and front porch designs in our collection, all of which have been added as entrance features to properties from modern bungalows to older style houses across the UK and the Channel Islands. Examples can be browsed through in picture format here on this website, if you wish to see how we have transformed the homes of customers over the years.

If inspiration strikes and you decide that you wish to have your own version of a porch you have seen (with minor adjustments), our product builder is ready and waiting for your use. This innovative online creator can show you each of our porch extension types, from our wall mounted porches to our low and high brick plinth designs, each with the features you can choose to add or remove from your planned wooden or wood and brick porch before you make a purchase.

Planning Permission

Technically speaking, our porches only become extensions by themselves once they have exceeded a certain number of square meters per ground floor area, meters above ground level or meters of any boundary around your home. This is when you will require planning permission to install them on your property. To find out more about this, please see our post on getting planning permission for a porch.

Bespoke Options for Your Oak or Timber Porch Extension

Often, our customers will come to us with ideas for the back or front porch design that they know they want for their home. Luckily, we are more than ready and willing to accommodate, as our modern technology is just right for crafting any kind of porch kit, whether large or small. We can make yo

Already have an idea in mind for a porch extension you’d absolutely love on your property? You certainly aren’t the only one! We often have customers come to us with their own ideas and plans for a porch they’d like for their house or bungalow, and we are always happy to help them set out their specifications so they receive exactly the kit they need for the porch they want. 

We can do this for you as well, so contact us if you have already been thinking about the ideal look for the entrance to your home.


Our front and back porch extensions are not only about their gorgeous aesthetics and architectural versatility, as they come with a whole host of other benefits, too:

Our products are all sustainably sourced from one specially selected site in France, with three new trees being planted for every one which is used in our work
All timber we use is carefully graded and checked on-site, ensuring that only the strongest pieces are used in our products
Our wooden porches remain weather resistant, as the material adapts to its environment
They will remain stronger than a brick, cement or uPVC porch
They are easier to maintain than a brick, cement or uPVC porch
They are considerably cheaper than porches made from other materials
They take a shorter amount of time to put together and install


We offer our customers the finest in green oak and Douglas-fir porch designs they could possibly find on the UK market, providing a wide range of style options that have been manufactured to meet their exact specifications. 

Every type of porch extension we have is ideal for any kind of entrance to a home, no matter whether you own a large, modern red brick house or a small, older bungalow. This is because wooden porches lend a timeless charm and curb appeal that is bound to impress your guests, and can even add some extra value onto your property if you ever choose to sell it.

No matter what you are looking for in a porch extension, whether you need it large or small, wall and floor mounted or at full height with a pitched roof option you have chosen yourself, you can be sure that our products will all come with these benefits as part of the package.

Anyone who has had some DIY experience should find that our use of traditional jointing techniques will make a wooden porch kit easy to build, as each part will slot neatly together for a quick and simple installation. We will even extend a helping hand after the kit is delivered, by ensuring that it contains one of our easy-to-follow instruction manuals, and we will always make planning drawings available upon request.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

High Brick Plinth Porch Stone

Timber and Oak Porch Extension Costs

Porch prices in the UK can often vary, depending on factors such as size (whether it is large or small can have a great impact on the average cost), style and any extra features you wish to see added to the design. Because of the variation of factors relating to cost, we have no fully set prices for our porch extensions.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should worry about what your new purchase will cost. To help give back your peace of mind, we aim to ensure that all of our products remain competitively priced, and we are always ready to provide estimated costs when you get in touch to discuss placing an order.

Choose Your Oak or Timber Porch Extension From Us Today

For the masterfully crafted, completely durable and easily installed extension that you know will complete the look of any modern or traditional home, call The Porch Specialist to order your oak or timber porch kit today.

Once our work has been fully signed off and delivered, you will be in complete control of your own building project, saving yourself time and money on the cost of unnecessary labour.

No matter what you need for your perfect front or rear porch extension, we can make it for you. Contact us and let our team show you what we can craft for your home.