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Traditional Timber Frame Porch Kits to Complete Your Home

At The Porch Specialist, every porch we design and create is made to the specific requirements our customers have set, no matter what size or type of porch they wish to have installed on their property.

The materials we will use to craft your kit are all sustainably sourced before being transported to our site, where they will be thoroughly inspected and then handcrafted into the high quality timber frame porch kit that you need for your home.

Browse through our selection of timber framed porch kits in the UK and choose the design that you love the most. All of our designs are created to be hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing, so we are bound to have the perfect porch for you.


Our Timber Frame Porch Kit Designer

We are passionate about providing a myriad of beautiful gable end porches for your outdoor spaces, no matter what you would like most for your property. We even have picture examples of each, taken across the UK and the Channel Islands, which you can easily browse here on our website. 

Imagine seeing the exact build you need for your porch, or even realising what you need for your ideal product, based on a picture found right here on our very own webpages? It’s easier than you might think; you may see some features you know you need in a particular design, but you suddenly decide you’d prefer to add a personal touch to the front truss by making it a different style. Perhaps they have added a feature such as a low brick plinth, that you would rather remove so your porch is entirely open?

Whenever these questions become a reality, our online product builder will be there to help you put your very own open oak or timber porch plan together. This quick, efficient and effective online tool is ready and waiting to show you all the parts of our wooden porch extensions, from the canopy designs to our full height porches, and can show you what a range of designs and styles will look like when you choose to add your own flair to any part. 

Our Timber Frame Porches

All of our cheaper alternatives to oak framed porch kits are made from Douglas-fir, and are made to the same standards and quality as any of our oak porches. They will also be made to your exact requirements, so you will be supplied with the traditional, classically-designed timber frame porch that you have always wanted for your property. As the porch comes in a kit, you will also be able to decide when and where to build your porch, putting you in complete control of your own work project.

Bespoke Timber Porch Kits

Why Choose a Timber Porch from The Porch Specialist?

We take pride in being our customers’ first choice for timber frame porch kits in the UK, and we are happy to demonstrate to you why we come so highly recommended. Not only have we had decades of experience in the oak and timber frame construction industry, we have also developed and perfected our skills to the point where we can offer our customers exactly what they want in the way of services. Everything we do can also be done at a price that will not hurt your budget.

Below, we have provided a list of some of the benefits that you will find, when you choose to purchase your timber frame porch from us:

Our Timber is Checked for Defects – all the materials we use undergo a series of meticulous checks when they reach our site, in order to check that they meet our standards of strength and stability. A flawed or warped piece could affect the structural integrity of a build, so our trained carpenters and timber graders will inspect each one carefully, to make sure that only those which reach our expectations get through. All other pieces will be responsibly recycled.
All Work is Carried Out Onsite – all the work that we do, from grading our timber to manufacturing the porch kits, is done in our very own workshops. We will oversee every stage, ensuring that the work on your porch kit is carried out exactly the way that you want it made.
We Keep Competitive Prices – because we minimise the amount of waste that is created from the manufacturing process, we are able to create more, better products, allowing us in turn to offer the best, most competitive prices to our customers.
We Perform Quality Control – we only ever use the latest technology to inspect our products, so that we can be sure that the materials we are using are up to the standards that we expect. Using this latest technology also allows for complete precision when crafting a kit, meaning that there will be no flaws or faults created during production.
Our Timber is Sustainably Sourced – all of our Douglas-fir timber is sustainably sourced from a site in France, and three trees are always planted in the place of every one that is used. This way, we can ensure that we will be able to make high quality products for many years yet to come.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

High Brick Plinth Porch Black Door

Our Timber Framed Porch Kits are Easily Assembled

We use traditional jointing methods to put all of our kits together, preparing them so that they will be quick and easy to assemble. If you have the experience necessary, you will be able to put your kit together not only at a time that suits you, but also at a quicker pace than if you had chosen a different material to build a new entryway for your front door. Our method may even surpass most other methods of creating timber-framed porches.

Every kit we put together also comes with its own instruction manual, and we will be happy to provide planning drawings if you need them.

Call Us Today and Get Started on Your Timber Framed Porch Kit

If you have been looking for durable, high-quality timber-framed porch kits, whether to finish a work project or to complete the look of your home, call The Porch Specialist. No matter what you need for your perfect porch, we know that we can provide it for you, and our super-fast delivery times across the whole of the UK mean that you will be ready to install your very own porch in no time.

Get in touch and we can help you get started on placing your order, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have before we begin.