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Beautiful Heritage Timber Porches

We design and create our timber frame porch kits by hand, ensuring that everything we sell is created to the exact requirements that our customers have asked for. This means you can be certain that you will get the timber porch you want, exactly the way you need it.

We will use traditional jointing techniques to put together your timber frame porch, making it easy to put together and install. With some experience, you should find that getting a beautiful, handcrafted and hard-wearing porch is only a swift and simple project away.

You will be in charge of every part of your timber frame porch’s construction, from the design that you love the most, to the specifications of your purchase, right up to when and where you will complete the work. We are experts in providing timber porch kits in the UK and we know exactly what to do to give you the best purchase and installation experience on the market.



We have created a bespoke virtual builder to help your design your dream porch.

Our Timber Porch Kit

We take pride in our expertise in crafting and creating timber frame porch kits for our customers, and we do everything we can to ensure the results are as high quality as they can be. This starts by selecting the finest sustainable Douglas-fir we have available. These trees are replaced by three more every time one is cut down, and our on-site timber graders carry out close inspections of every piece we use, making sure that there are no flaws, warps or faults in the material. Any of these things could affect the structural integrity of our kits, so we avoid them wherever we can.

There are a number of different benefits that you will find with purchasing a timber porch kit, rather than one made from another material. These include the fact that wood is very versatile, and can be styled to blend in with any architectural design already present, making it aesthetically pleasing. It is also hard-wearing and needs little maintenance, with none of the strength leaving the wood, even as it ages. You will also find that timber porch kits in the UK are much cheaper than those made from other substances, owing to the fact that they need fewer materials to build, less time for installation and a smaller workforce to complete the project from start to finish.

By choosing a timber frame porch kit from us, you will be ensuring that the product you get is ideal for the space you have, whether you are looking for a large timber frame enclosed porch or just a small timber porch canopy. You will also be saving yourself more time and money than you might have imagined, had you chosen to start a longer project with a greater cost to your budget.

No matter if you are looking for timber porch canopy designs, or full height timber porches with balustrades, you will be happy to know that our products will not need planning permission in most cases. Unless the size of your planned porch falls outside of complying with Building Regulations, your porch will be permitted development and you will be able to start your installation as soon as your kit is delivered.

If you have any questions about our timber porch kits in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our staff will be more than happy to help and provide any answers you need.

We Offer Bespoke Timber Porch Kits

Often, customers will come to us with a timber porch idea already in mind, and we are more than equipped to help them make these dreams a reality. With our porch design service, you will be able to create the plan for your very own bespoke purchase. This will include everything from timber porch canopy designs, to creating a full timber frame enclosed porch, exactly as you want it.

There is no need to worry, even if you believe that your property might have complicated measurements. We will do everything we can to ensure that you get the porch that you need, no matter what size it has to be.

Just because your timber porch kit’s design is bespoke, this does not mean that it has to be more expensive than a ready-made kit. We do not believe in charging our customers more simply so they can get exactly what they want. Instead, we will price your porch kit at the same price we would put on a ready-made porch kit of the same size. 


There are many reasons why customers make us their first choice for timber door canopies and full frame porches. When you are considering where to go in order to purchase your very own porch kit, we will be more than happy to explain why we are the best choice for your property’s needs. Below, we have listed some of the reasons:

All Our Materials are Sustainable – we obtain everything we use in our kits from one site in France, where the Douglas-fir trees are grown. These trees will be cut down to use in our products, but we will have three more trees replace them shortly after, in order to ensure that we have a long-lasting supply of materials to create high quality products for years to come.
All Materials are Graded On-Site – our trained and dedicated team of carpenters and timber graders work hard on our site to make sure that every piece of wood we have available is checked thoroughly for flaws or faults which could have a structural effect on a kit. This means that both we and you know that our kits are strong and fit for their intended use.
We Use Modern Technology – every piece of wood we use in our work is checked using the most up-to-date equipment we have available, so that we can spot any flaws or faults that would otherwise remain undetected by the human eye. Everything we design and manufacture is also crafted using the latest equipment, ensuring that our products are kept consistent in both make and quality.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Open Floor and Wall Mounted Porch

Our Timber Porches are Designed for Easy Assembly

We make all of our timber frame porch kits using traditional jointing techniques, which means that every part of the canopy, roof and frame’s design is made to slot together. This ensures that, if you have had some experience with DIY, building or carpentry, you should find that your timber frame porch’s construction should be swift and easy.

To help your build move along even more quickly, we will provide an easy-follow instruction manual with every kit, and planning drawings of your porch will be available upon request.

Start Work on Your Timber Porch Kit Today

If you have been looking for a stylish, durable timber porch to complete the look of your property, no matter if you need a wooden door canopy kit for your front door, or a lean-to kit for your back door, get in touch with The Porch Specialist today.

We can provide you with everything you need to build your perfect porch, in a range of styles that are all bound to suit your property. All you have to do is pick the design that you love the most.

Get started on your timber porch today, by contacting us so that we can begin discussing what you would like. Our team will then carefully craft it and have it swiftly delivered to you as soon as possible, at a time that fits your needs and a price that will not hurt your budget.