Shelter Your Front Door with a Traditional Storm Porch

Here at The Porch Specialist, we can create a kit to help you build and install the ideal storm porch for your home. Whether you’re simply looking to keep the rain out of your hallway whenever you open your front door, or need a place to keep your family’s shoes when you’ve all been outside, we can provide you with the kit for a sheltered space that suits you best.

Get in touch with us today and we can start discussing your specifications before our master carpenters begin their work, so the product that’s delivered is exactly what you’ve been expecting.

What is a Storm Porch?

A storm porch is a small roofed structure designed to keep a property’s outside door safe and sheltered from bad and cold weather. They may also be used for storage, or even as a small outdoor seating area in some cases.



We are proud to have been able to provide timber and oak framed porches for customers across the UK and the Channel Islands. Our gallery is full of pictures of these products, showing you our designs as they look on different properties and allowing you to draw ideas for your own purchase. Whether you have a modern semi detached property or a Victorian townhouse, we are certain that we will have made a product for a similar property before.

There may be a design that you like, but that you would like to make some modifications to before you consider purchasing it as a porch extension for your property. When this happens, our product builder will be ready and waiting for you to use.

This quick, free online tool is available on all of our product pages and will allow you to mix and match the features of any designs you like. From this, you can create your ideal porch before placing an order.

brick plinth oak porch

Our Storm Porch Kit Designs

We have a wonderful variety of classically made porches, each of which are perfectly capable of providing shelter from the elements for your front or back door. However, some of our larger, more enclosed options might offer more protection and can also keep your belongings safe if you intend to store coats, shoes or to use your porch as a parcel drop off point for deliveries. 

Our available storm porch designs include:

  • Wall Mounted Porch (also called canopy designs)
  • Wall & Floor Mounted Porch
  • Low Brick Plinth Porch
  • High Brick Plinth Porch
  • Full Height Porch

We can make each of these porch designs in stylish Douglas-fir timber or green oak. You may also be relieved to note that, in most cases, our products will not require planning permission or Building Regulations approval. However, there are some stipulations to this, including the porch being a certain size and being built at ground level.

To find out more about the full list of requirements, please see our advice on porches and planning permission.

Our Style Options for Your Storm Porch

Once you have selected your future purchase from our designs, you’ll be given the option to style it so that it suits your needs and the aesthetics of your property. No matter whether you’d prefer mullions with your high brick plinth design to better match your Victorian property, or think that your modern front door canopy will look its best with straight braces in its front truss, we can make sure it will go into your kit.

We’ll Build Your Bespoke Storm Porch Ideas

Our customers often come to us with ideas in mind for the wooden porch or canopy they’d like to see on their property. In these cases, we are fully prepared to offer a bespoke creation for their porch kits. So, if you are already thinking of designs and styles for your own unique home improvement feature, get in touch with us and we can craft these into the perfect kit for you to install.

High Brick Plinth Porch Cottage

Our Storm Porch Kits are Primed for Easy Assembly

Every kit we make, whether it’s fully open or completely enclosed, will have been primed for a quick, easy assembly. We achieve this through a series of traditional jointing techniques, which allows for every part of the wooden frame to slot neatly together. If you’ve had some DIY experience before, this can be done with little trouble on your part. 

To help you out on your project even after the product has been delivered, we’ll place an easy-to-follow instruction manual in your kit. We’re also more than happy to provide planning drawings, upon request.

Why Choose a Traditional Storm Porch Kit from Us?

We are passionate about providing customers across the UK with an exceptional service. As part of this, we will understand completely if you’d like to know more about what we provide before you choose to work with us. We’re more than happy to explain, and to set out just some of the reasons we should be your first choice for oak and timber construction:

Sustainably Sourced Products: Everything that’s manufactured in our workshops is originally sourced from the finest green oak and Douglas-fir timber we have available. This is all grown specifically for this purpose, on a designated site in France. For every tree used, we also ensure that three more are planted in its place, keeping our work sustainable and offering our customers a steady stream of product kits for a long time to come.
Thorough Timber Grading: Once the wood arrives at our workshops, our team of expert carpenters and timber graders will set about inspecting it carefully for flaws, faults or any other structural weaknesses. Only the strongest pieces ever make it into our kits; the rest will be responsibly recycled. 
Modern Technology: We utilise state-of-the-art equipment to offer our customers the best possible products. From machines that can pinpoint minuscule cracks or other defects in the wood during the timber grading process, to modern tools that allow us to cut frames with precision accuracy, you can be certain that your porch kit will have been manufactured in a way that rules out human error.
Q-Mark Equivalent Porch Kits: Our products are all crafted to the standards set out by Exova BM TRADA. This means you can rest assured that your porch kit was made to industry standards and nothing less.


We supply a wide range of porch styles all across the UK.

Open Floor and Wall Mounted Porch

Our Storm Porch Prices

How much it will cost to build your porch can vary considerably, depending on a number of different factors. For instance, the size of the porch you intend to build will have an effect on the price, as will the inclusion of any further features or elements you’d like to see in your kit’s design. As such, we cannot offer an average cost that covers every porch we make. Instead, every order will be priced individually.

We will work closely with you to calculate the cost of your very own storm porch, taking into account every specification you have to arrive at the price which best suits your needs and budget. We are also price-competitive, so if you find a similar product that’s also cheaper than what we can offer, we’ll be more than happy to match the cost.

Beautify Your Home and Avoid the Elements Today

If you’ve been searching for the ideal wooden shelter for your front door, whether you need a nearly completely enclosed half-brick design to match a Victorian property or would simply like to keep the rain off a modern house in the suburbs with a bespoke canopy, The Porch Specialist is here to help.

We’ll have your kit delivered anywhere in the UK as soon as the work has been signed off, so you’ll be in charge of your build from the moment it arrives. You can then set out everything you need, from where you’d like to build your porch to the schedule you’ll complete it on.

Contact us today and one of our team will be glad to discuss everything you need and any ideas you already have for your storm porch. Once we’ve taken note of your complete order, we’ll be able to let our carpenters know so they can start their work. You’ll soon receive the perfect porch to keep any belongings safe and your door entirely sheltered.